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A pub etched into local life

Welcome to The Hanbury, your friendly neighbourhood hub where time-honored traditions meet top-notch quality. More than a pub, The Hanbury captures the essence of a true local spot, serving up hearty grub, great pints, and a community vibe that resonates through the cobbled streets. From weekly live tunes and lively sports viewings to brain-teasing quiz nights and soul-soothing traditional music sessions, we’re all about keeping it real.

Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a familiar face, The Hanbury’s inviting atmosphere ensures each moment is steeped in camaraderie and good times. From mouthwatering bites to a fantastic selection of drinks, we’re proud to embody the values of a traditional pub, inviting you to savour the authentic charm that makes us unique.

Join us and be part of The Hanbury’s living legacy.

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Delicious gravy being poured over a roast at The Hanbury Pub, enhancing the flavours in Islington


Good Eats, Great Drinks, and Even Better Vibes – That's How We Roll!

Get ready to chow down and raise your glass at The Hanbury – the spot where pub grub gets a whole new meaning. We’re dishing out the best in town, think hearty, wholesome, and just downright delicious. Whether you’re into classic pub comfort food or craving something a bit more fancy, we’ve got your taste buds covered. But let’s not forget the sips – we’ve got an epic lineup of beers, from crafty brews to the classics, plus a knockout selection of spirits and cocktails that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance.

So, if you’re looking for a laid-back spot with killer food and drinks in Islington, The Hanbury is where it’s at. Come hungry, leave happy – that’s our motto.

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Vibrant Weekly Events at The Hanbury: Live Music, Sports Action, and Pub Quiz Fun

The Hanbury Highlights

What’s On

Step into The Hanbury, your cosy corner in Islington where the week unfolds with classic pub charm. Tuesday kicks off with the soulful hum of Irish Trad – a timeless tradition that sets the tone just right. Thursdays are for unleashing your inner quizmaster and sharing a laugh or two. As Saturday night approaches, the pub comes alive with live music, turning our space into a lively gathering of friends and tunes. For the sports enthusiasts, we’ve got your front-row seat to all the live action.

The Hanbury isn’t just a pub; it’s your weekly destination for good vibes, good company, and a lineup that promises a little something for everyone. Join us, and let the tradition continue.

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Interior of The Hanbury Pub with customers enjoying drinks and conversation.

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Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss how we can help you with your next booking. We have several areas that can be reserved for bookings of all occasions. We can cater for all of your needs whether you are planning a sit-down meal, a more informal event or just a group booking for drinks with friends. We have a variety of menu options, and we are happy to customise to suit your needs.

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